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Visit this site to find legal cable box converters. Why "rent" from the cable company when you can own your very own cable box that can save you lots of money over the long run. We have universal cable boxes that will work with almost every cable system. Stop by and check it out!

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4. Which cable converter is best for me? You have two choices when purchasing your cable equipment, a single-unit (one-piece) system or a system containing two units (two-piece). Combination box advantages: The one-piece system is based on a combination of cable converter and a descrambler, installed in a single box. This unit is referred to as a combination unit. The pluses: universal Easy to hook up, Available in both generic or name brand , similar to systems used by cable companies. Separate component advantages: The two-piece systems is based on two separate units, A cable converter and a descrambler, that are converters connected together and function as one-piece system. The pluses: lower cost, components can be individually upgraded, and interchangeable components.

17. What if my cable company universal and converters upgrades or changes to a different cable converter? All cable companies eventually upgrade-as technology progresses and new sources become available older equipment becomes obsolete. The fact is that universal cable companies do not change quickly or often. It is a huge expense for cable company to swap converters out all of its customers cable converters and replace them with brand new ones and upgrade the system to support the new scrambling methods. It usually takes a cable company a year or longer to complete an upgrade. Most cable companies upgrade every 10-15 years. We allow previous customers to trade in their old converters that they purchased from us for credit towards new universal equipment, converters providing that it is in good working condition. 18. What is the difference between filtering and scrambling?

15. universal How do you determine the replacement for your cable box? Get the brand name and model of the cable converter unit that was supplied to you by your cable company. The brand name is located on the front of the box. The model converters # is located on the bottom of the cable box on the tag. 2) Look at the companies list of cable box products and their corresponding replacement description (your equipment model number) in their catalog. universal From this you can determine what you will need or converters consult universal in conjunction with your cable box source for the right replacement. 16. How can you tell if you''re dealing with converters a professional cable converter company? First, of course, trust your own judgment. A company you can trust will be one that has at least a 30 day guarantee, and a universal 90 day warranty on their products. Offers of variety of equipment for most areas of the country and some areas of the world. The company will have the capability of delivering your equipment day air, 4 day ground, international, or other if agreed upon. The staff will be capable of answering most technical converters questions. The company should also have an 800 number for easy access for the customer.